Petrina Arnason

Since first being elected in 2014, I have dedicated 100% of my time to our community, working full time as a Township Councillor. During that time I have advocated for, and achieved, many important initiatives including delivering more libraries, advancing the interests of seniors, and championing a Township Climate Emergency Declaration.

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About Petrina Arnason

I love our community. From the abundant farmlands to the spectacular parklands to family neighbourhoods and urban centres, Langley Township is a special place that I’m proud to have made my home for over 20 years. My husband and I have lived in Walnut Grove, North Langley, Aldergrove and now make our home in Murrayville. I hold a Master’s in Environmental Studies and a Law Degree and have worked in a family business.

During my time on Council, I have heard from you that the priorities for the Township must focus on several areas vital to the long-term viability of our community. 

While on Council, I have:
  • Successfully brought forward and accomplished a unanimous vote to have the Township declare a Climate Emergency in 2019.
  • Participated on the Tree Protection Advisory Committee which recently delivered an amended Tree Protection Bylaw and a Community Forest Management Strategy to guide and direct holistic tree management and protection in the Township.
  • Advocated to protect and enhance aquifer and groundwater resources in the Brookswood and Hopington aquifers.
  • Promoted green infrastructure design to create more green space and sustainable stormwater management
  • Developed a Salmon River Uplands Planning Framework, in collaboration with the community, which was subsequently reviewed by Township staff and adopted by Council.
  • Advocated for more affordable housing options in the Township including an early supporter of the Emmaus House project in Willoughby which resulted in the development of an affordable seniors’ housing project as well as affordable family housing for families.
  • Part of the City of Langley’s Homelessness Task Force, I was directly involved in the development of the strategy identifying several actions to be taken to mitigate homelessness in our community.
  • Advocated for a robust debt management plan for the Township.
  • Pushed for enhanced emergency funding and collaborative efforts to support local safety and resiliency.
  • Lobbied and collaborated to deliver library expansion to our growing community including Willoughby Town Centre’s new 12,000 square-foot library and 1600 square-foot library in Fort Langley and 50% footprint expansion of leasehold in Brookswood library.
  • Served on the Township Seniors Advisory Committee and advocated for seniors’ issues including a Township Housing Action Plan, our award-winning Age Friendly Community plan, and newly adopted Dementia Friendly Community Strategy.
  • Collaborated and supported key components of the Aldergrove redevelopment plan to include a parking facility within the Aldergrove Mall site.
  • Supported public engagement regarding the use of Township lands in Aldergrove adjacent to the ACUCC.
  • Advocated for art and signage reflecting the unceded status of local lands and a more integrated approach and respectful engagement based on the protocols and understandings of UNDRIP (United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act). 


If re- elected I will continue to champion the issues and goals that matter most to you: transparency and accountability at city hall; climate mitigation and the environment; improving and protecting tree canopy and green space; affordable housing; social infrastructure for seniors; water protection; and food security.

Professional Career

Petrina enjoyed a varied career prior to working for the Law Society of Ontario, as well as running a small business with her husband. After being re-elected in 2018, Petrina assumed full-time Council duties. She is devoted to her community work and strives to ensure community outreach activities are accessible to everyone. Petrina is committed to maintaining the natural assets of our community by continuing her advocacy on issues such as climate change, green infrastructure and building retrofits. These initiatives are designed to facilitate a more comprehensive approach to community management and sustainability goals.

Proudly Serving the Community